‘Out of every twenty ‘first into’ the Turkish Trench, eighteen were rugby men...’
A New Zealand Officer’s recollections of his difficulties in keeping rugby players from attacking in the trenches

The New Zealand Rugby Museum have released a special commemorative e-book to accompany the exhibition.  Balls, Bullets and Boots - from rugby field to battlefield explores the impact that hostilities had on New Zealand’s pre-war signature sport and its sportspeople - as viewed through the eyes of XVI New Zealand rugby players. The ‘lens’ of their personal stories is used to examine how the lives, loves and communities they left behind were forever changed. Also included are stories on the lives of the 13 All Blacks who lost their lives fighting for their country and a host of never before seen statistics on rugby players and their war connections.

‘Rugby may borrow the language of warfare, but in war injury time may last a whole lifetime and not all of the team go home after a shower and a beer.’
Stephen Cooper: The Final Whistle, 2012
Opiki-based rugby historian: Clive Akers, with assistance from Wellington-based independent military researcher Peter Cooke and independent curator Bettina Anderson.
e-book, c. 150,000 words presented in 32 chapters
Publication Date:
22 August 2015
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Balls, Bullets & Boots
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